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Michaels Electric’s automation and controls system support services will help turn your project into a reality by ensuring that your purchased system is properly commissioned and supported. Our technical experts provide optional on & off site technical support, design, and installation assistance.

From the initial consultation and site survey to actual onsite installation guidance, Michaels Electric’s technical experts work with various project professionals  including architects, lighting designers, electrical contractors, general contractors, and facility managers, to ensure successful project support, startup & commissioning.  In addition to project consultation and installation guidance, our technical experts are proficient in the use of various automation and controls software. They work with the client and/or lighting designer and use their tools to maximize the intelligence, versatility, and beauty of the purchased system.

The Initial Consultation (Free Service)
Our proficient staff are available any time to schedule an initial on or off site consultation.  Our staff works hands-on with the various parties involved throughout the construction/ Installation process.

Onsite Installation Guidance and System Startup (Billed Service)
Our technical expert is onsite to monitor the installation and startup of all products used on the project. The following services are included:

  • On-site technical supervision, system configuration & start-up
  • On-site system integration
  • Supervise installation and hook-up of all automation and controls products
  • Pre-test various individual components and interfaces
  • Recommend product location changes as needed
  • Recommend wiring changes/improvements as needed
  • Recommend addressing schemes and configurations as needed
  • Recommend methods to correctly interface products with 3rd party controllers and building/lighting automation systems
  • Use software to verify that components are working and installed properly
  • Use software to author lighting shows/scenes per client’s/lighting designer’s specifications


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