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Installing LED Office Fixtures? Relay Dimming is the best dimming solution. Simple, fast, and inexpensive. Dim 0-10V fixtures with no 0-10V wires, no Wireless, no PLC, no Wi-Fi.

The Problem: Over the next 10 years almost all office lighting will transition to LED both in new and retrofit installations. Installers and designers need a method to change the illumination level of LED office troffer fixtures that is easy to install, works well, dims and brightens smoothly, and doesn’t suffer from flickering at low illumination levels.

The Best Solution: Powerline Control Systems has patented a new method called Relay Dimming that offers many advantages. Relay Dimming uses the standard mechanical relay in a Decora style wall switch to send messages to simple low-cost receiver modules installed in any standard LED fixture with a 0-10V driver. Functioning together, smooth dimming to any level is easily achieved.

10 Important Advantages
1. Full range level control with smooth transitions between levels.
2. High quality attractive wall switch available in popular colors.
3. No need to run 0-10V wires from switch to fixture.
4. Without needing to run wires, a 1-person job stays a 1-person job.
5. No running wires in your bid – you just never know what you will encounter when doing this – you can bid the job with confidence.
6. Works with popular LED fixtures. Given the number of LED fixtures and drivers no one can test them all, but we have tested with many.
7. No post commissioning, works directly after install.
8. Switch has occupancy sensor input if needed also has 3-way (traveler) control possible with available remote switches.
9. Fast installation of the receiving module in the fixture.
10. Least expensive method available! Parts cost less than the older method of using a low voltage switch.

Note: This is not a wireless product so is 100% secure and can be installed in locations where wireless is not allowed by contract or policy.

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