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Add dimming to LED Troffer installations at the lowest cost in parts and labor.
The Problem: Over the next 10 years almost all office lighting will transition to LED both in new and retrofit
installations. Installers and designers need a method to change the illumination level of LED troffer fixtures that is
easy to install, works well, dims and brightens smoothly, and doesn’t suffer from flickering at low illumination levels.
The Solution: Powerline Control Systems, Inc. has patented a new method called Relay Dimming that offers many
advantages. Relay Dimming uses the standard mechanical relay in wall switches or occupancy sensors to send
messages to our simple low-cost receiver modules installed in any standard LED fixture with a 0-10V driver.
Functioning together, smooth dimming to any level is easily achieved.

Relay Dimming – Wall Switch Dimmer

• Full featured dimming
• Single-tap: top 100% – bottom: Off. Double tap: top 40% – bottom 10%
• If needed, field adjustable levels in switch to “tune” for the site
• No new wires means a 2-person job is now a 1-person job
• Bid the job without investigating wiring complexity
• No programming or commissioning needed – operates right after install
• Parts cost equal to the older, less functional method of using a low-voltage switch
• Switch has occupancy sensor input if needed
• Switch has 3-way (traveler) control possible with available remote-switches
• The easiest least-expensive way to meet Title 24 dimming requirement
• Win retrofit and new install jobs with less effort and better function
• Wall Switch Dimmer and Remote Switch available in White (W), Light Almond (LA), Ivory (I)

Receiving Module 0-10V

• Needs no low-voltage control wires between control point and fixture
• Utilizes patented “relay” communication, no PLC , no RF wireless, no Wi-Fi
• Fast install – receiver module installs in fixture in less than 30 seconds
• No commissioning, programming or addressing
• Dimmer can only control receivers on its own controlled power circuit
• Requires no mounting, just connect the four wires, L, N, Dim+, Dim-
• Universal module for 120V or 277V

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